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 “Ibiza occident” by Günther Schwaiger

What you are going to hear is not a classical DJ-set, certainly not one of my usual ones, with unknown brand new music that has just been printed on a vinyl. I will present you a retrospective of some songs that characterize the musical history of Ibiza; the selection is based on my memories from the annual summer trips to the Island from the 80s until today.

No perfect mixes! A homage to the strong and disharmonious cuts of Jon Sa Trinxa (aka Jonathan Grey), the outstanding DJ who always plays his balearic style tunes on the most important “musical beach” in the world, Sa Trinxa.

One of the strongest memories of the early Ibiza tires: the music of Bob Marley at Amnesia, a garden where people slept until sunrise and then danced under the rising sun; Machinery by Propaganda at Pacha, where the jumping crowd went crazy for their sound. The Pacha’s resident-dj was Giuseppe Nuzzo – DJ Pippi, who then play with Friedrich Gulda. Not to forget the sound of Moby and Leftfield at Cafe del Mar, Chicane at the Café Mambo’: it was the time of the late 90s, which witnessed the birth of the so called new “DJ superstars.” I saw Mick Jagger waiting in line to greet Paul Oakenfold at Pacha. “My Friend” by Groove Armada became an audio and video hymn to the white island.

On the island “transgression” has become more and more organized. It is a phenomenon that may seem ridiculous make people smile, nevertheless, it provides many young people with a visible state of wellbeing. People say the island has a very special and unique aura: is probably the visitors’ expectation of happiness and their trust in finding it. So out of professional deformation, I started investigating the local tourism marketing strategies and in particular the management of dance music. In this country we believe it to be the kind of music only thirteen-year-old kids would listen to, however there it is not just perceived as an important element of the entertainment industry, but as a result of profound research, a real outburst of creativity after all those sad years of desperate remakes. At that time the audience was ecstatic, they were crying tears and I had the distinct feeling that the show was more similar to a classic concert that to a regular night out at the disco.

The soundtrack of those times finds its beginnings in the early hits of Faithless (Insomnia, God was a DJ), in Delirium Silence, Insigma, the Finn Darude’s Sandstorm for Techno-trance which characterizes the novelty of the moment, soon dies and rises again. The first season of Tiesto was not so bad, his way of guiding the crowd was definitely worth studying. At the same time, for a minority of fans starts the era of Berlin-techno, the so-called Spanish “machina”, as for instance the sets of Pepo Lanzoni and the group of natives dj, la Comunidad, for a long time owner of a night at Space. A good year before its global success you can hear in Ibiza a preview of Alter Ego with “Roker”. The priest & dj of the island, also known as Rubik’s Cube, enchants his “followers” on Sunday mornings on the Space terrace, one of the first to play “Body Language” (MANDY Vs Booka Shade); Sandy Rivera even shakes the dead with “In My Body”; Blaze presents Uda feat-. Barbara Tucker in “Most Precious Love”. Barbara Tucker will remain tied to the island for ever: you can still listen to her live at the Teatre Pereyra.

Cocoon lands and scoops: the crowd goes wild for Oliver Koletzki’s “Der Mückenschwarm” remixed by Dominik Eulberg. Unfortunately, David Guetta arrives too. 2003 remains memorable for its happy music season : Spiller’s “Groovejet” was perfect for the island, as much as Mojo’s “Lady”. The road of classic house in Ibiza doesn’t have its own feature on the island: it’s too similar to the one of NYC, Miami and London and unfortunately sometimes to the one in Milan. In its hardest way the house of Matinee remains the most memorable one – or DJ Oliver’s set at the first Troya party. Nick & Danny Chattelain leave the masses breathless with “It’s Killing Me”. An energy that is stronger than the one in Lourdes. The same is valid for David Tort & Gee Moore’s “The Person Next to You” at Bora Bora in 2007 with and for Bob Sinclar & Axwell’s “What a Wonderful World” in 2008.

On the beach of Sa Trinxa together with the master Jon sa Trinxa play Dieter sin Plomo, great former resident of Km 5, Andy Piper and Marcello Marchitto, sometimes accompanied by live saxophone or by the electric violin of Micha. Their sets contain remixes of U2, Depeche Mode, Beirut, Paul and Fritz Kalkbrenner, soft porn soundtracks of the seventies, Marianne Faithfull, Patty Pravo and rare sounds of the most varied origins.

As the song of Bob Sinclair & Axwell say:

Imagine yourself; And everywhere you see there are people and the people are smiling – Everyone has having good time – People are loving one another, Sharing one love- Imagine a world where there is only peace where there is no anger- Where there is no hate Where there is no war -Imagine a world full of love, and nothing but joy- This world is…

1. Sweet Love – Paul Lomax Sin Plomo Original Mix from website www.satrinxa.com

2. Enjoy The Silence – cover of Depeche Mode played by Andy Piper Sa Trinxa 2010

3. Soul Vibration – V.A. John Sa Trixa The Salinas Sessions/ 2001

4. Sex With Strangers – Marianne Faithfull at Sa Trixa whit Jon Sa Trixa 2008

5. No Ordinary Morning – Chicane Cafè Mambo 2000

6. Machinery -Propaganda Pacha 1987

7. Agua Ardiente – Original Mix – Christian Malloni played a Sa Trinxa from Dieter sin Plomo 2010

8. Domino – Oxia & Michah’s violin a Sa trinxa

9. Beirut Disco (Nantes) – Fredo & Thang played by Dieter sin Plomo a Sa Trinxa 2007

10. Body Language – M.A.N.D.Y. played by Kubric Cube at Space 2005

11. Lady (Hear Me Tonight) – Mojo Original Mix – Yohanne Simon, Twill – Everywhere 2000

12. La bambola – Tucillo feat Patty Pravo Tucillo Everywhere 2010

13. In My Body – Stathis L Feat. Sandy Rivera Defected In The House – Pacha 2005

14. Der Mueckenschwarm – Oliver Koletzki (Dominik Eulberg remix) – Cocoon 2005

15. Cefé Del Mariachi – (Nick Warren Mix) – La Troya_ 2007

16. Ibiza – Marchesini & Farina Remix – Desaparecidos, Walter Master J Desaparecidos

17. Wath A Wonderful Word – Bob Sinclaire & Axwell Bora Bora 2008

18. The Person Next To You”-David Tort & Gee Moore ” Bora Bora 2007

19. Insommnia / God is a Dj – Faithless Everywhere 2005

20. Rumble Fish – Tune depth La Comunidad at Space 2003

21. Song To The Siren (Did I Dream) – Lost Witness (Fable Mix) Cream Amnesia 2002

22. Sepia Max -Graham Paul Oakenfield Pacha 2002

23. Open your Eyes (Instrumental) – Insigma – Paul Oakenfield 2003

24. A Summer Song (Be My Friend) – Nilo – Davoli’s Propane Mix – Paul Oakenfield

25. Electronic Malfunction- dj Ton T.B. – Tiësto at Privilege 2003

26. Sandstorm – Darude Vs. Cafe del mar -Sands – Dj Macius

27. Love Angel – Gift Tiësto 2007

28. Nothing (93 returning mix) – Holden & Thompson Tiësto

29. Rocker – Alter Ego – white label 2004

30. Porcelain – Moby Cafè del Mar 1999

31. Unknow, stuff from John sa Trinxa 2010

32. Ibiza Suite Adios – G. Nuzzo aka DJ Pippi

33. Ibiza Suite Transition 1 Exxotic 1 – Friedrich Gulda

34. You Are My Sunshine – Bryan Ferry (perfect for the Sunrise) 1974

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